Troop G patrolman honored with memorial

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – You might not have the same reaction to seeing a road sign that you do when you spot a highway patrolmen.

Despite both being there for our safety, the trooper sitting on the side of the road commands respect.

“On Highway 12, North of Columbus, where you might normally see a highway patrolman, you can now also find a sign with an important name and an important message,” said MHP MSgt. Criss Turnipseed.

“I would say it is a reminder that these highways right here are something that are our responsibility to ensure the safety of the travelers that go up and down these highways.”

These highways that were once looked over by trooper Tommie Earl Owens.

He was killed while on the job in the summer of 1989 when his patrol car was struck by a freight train.

Owens is one of four from Troop G, and many others across the state, being honored with a stretch of highway.

“We’re trying to commemorate the lives and service of Mississippi Highway Patrolmen who have given their lives in the line of duty here in Troop G.”

Master Sergeant Criss Turnipseed says the timing is appropriate considering May 13th through 19th is National Police Week.

“We’re already in an atmosphere of, a posture, of paying respect to those that have gone on before us and given their lives. and also set the example, paved the way.”

While nothing will bring back those who died in the line of duty, these memorials are a way to always remember their sacrifice.

“It’s probably something the family will appreciate knowing that their loved one, their family members are not being forgotten. these that travel this length of highway will see that on their commutes everyday.”

Two more memorials will be unveiled over the next couple of days.

A sign honoring Trooper Joseph Pol will go up Wednesday morning on Highway 25 North of Plattsburg.

And another for Trooper B. Cowart is scheduled to be installed Thursday on Highway 50 in West Point.

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