True Story Featured in Tupelo Shot Film

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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – A full length feature film shot on location in Tupelo opens this weekend.   As WCBI’s Allie Martin reports,  the second movie from American Family Studios features scores of locals, and an inspiring, true story.

Although he came into this world without eyes, or the ability to walk, Patrick Henry Hughes became a talented musician at his Kentucky school,  in large part, because of a Dad who saw hidden potential in his son.

“In the film you’ll see how he develops into an amazing piano player, vocalist, and eventually a trumpet player, and the story centers around a father’s sacrifice to help those dreams come true, to come to fruition,” said Jeff Chamblee, director of American Family Studios, which made the movie, “I Am Potential.”  He says it is a movie with a message.

“We hope and pray that this will inspire families to face their challenges head on and to give sacrifically for the benefit of others,” Chamblee said.

American Family Studios is part of the Tupelo based American Family Association.  Most of the movie was shot in the area, so there are some familiar sights and some extras you may recognize.

“We shot at the Women’s Hospital, we shot at Harrisburg Baptist Church, their gym and a couple of their offices, we shot at Tupelo High School, used their stadium and classrooms, their hallways, cafeteria and the Tupelo Regional Airport,” said Austin Brooks, who edited the movie.

More than 300 extras came from Tupelo , and across the state to help tell the story and learn about the movie making process.

“I think one of the things extras really appreciate is, all of the time and dedication that goes into filmmaking, wow we shot all day and it’s 30 seconds that I’m in and it’s so fast and they see how hard everyone is working, and they realize they really have a hard job too, extras , it seems like, oh you just come and you sit, but we work them hard,  they have to walk, sit, look, very tedious, but we so grateful for all the people who came out to make this film possible,” said Kendra White, who coordinated the extras.

“Iam Potential”  has a limited run in Tupelo, Louisville Kentucky and Evansville Indiana.  A DVD release is planned in November.

“I am Potential” plays at the Malco in Tupelo for one week.  For more information, go to

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