Tupelo Police Department Steps Up Its Recruiting Efforts


TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – The Tupelo Police Department is looking for men and women who want to protect and serve their community.

The Tupelo Police Department is looking for officers and they are targeting young adults and minorities in their latest recruiting efforts, which will include a Police Career Day later this month. The requirements are tough, but officers say the career is rewarding.

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For Patrolman Justin Ware, pursuing a career as a police officer was a logical next step, after a four-year stint in the US Marine Corps.

Ware has been with the department for nearly three years and plans to make a career out of police work. He says he enjoys helping people every time he puts on the badge.

“You get to answer calls, not knowing what you’re going to, it’s a good feeling, also, there’s a lot of people concerned about what’s going on in the nation, and I feel like, honestly, if you want to make a change, you can’t do it from the outside, get inside and do it,” said Officer Ware.

The department is targeting young adultsfemales and minorities in their recruiting efforts.

Among the basic requirements are sixty hours of college, or two years of active duty in the military.

Patrolman Zack Berryman was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in the U S Army, and is now part of the Bomb Squad with the TUpelo PD. He says police work is a good fit for veterans of the armed forces.

“You’ve shown you have the integrity, ability to be able to serve your country, once you get out, if you want to be able to serve country, community, you can come here, and be able to see the change you make in your community,” said Officer Berryman.

Detective Britney Williams was inspired to pursue a career in law enforcement because of her uncle. She says there are many opportunities for advancement.

“If you are coming straight out of military or college, it’s a great career to get into, if detective is something you’re interested in, you can utilize patrol as experience to gain knowledge and put in for the position, with our agency, you have to have so many years as a patrol officer to apply for CID,” said Detective Williams.

The Tupelo Police Department is hosting a Career Day at Gumtree Park September 26th. It’s an opportunity for people to talk with officers from the patrol , SWAT, Detectives and other divisions. There will also be PT tests conducted on site.

Saturday Sept. 26
Gumtree Park
8am – Noon
662 841 6491