Tupelo Teen Visits NMMC After Full Recovery

[bitsontherun 1MkZimlg]TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- It was a memorable moment this morning as one Tupelo girl walks back through the doors of the emergency room that saved her life.

“Feels pretty cool to be back alive and stuff because it’s like I didn’t really appreciate it,” says Noel Geno.

19 year old Noel Geno almost died in a motorcycle wreck back in July, just one month after graduating from Tupelo High School. She suffered multiple fractures to her body and broke every bone in her face. After 16 surgeries and a full recovery she’s back at North Mississippi Medical Center’s Emergency Room to thank the many that saved her life.

“At first none of it seemed real and now like I’m starting to feel normal again so it still kinda doesn’t feel real, Like my family never realized how cool my grandma was till my wreck when we became like best friends because we had to hang out for like two months straight,” added Noel.

Doctors, emergency responders and nurses that were by her side months ago were happy to see Noel smiling and back to her old self. One RN tells us he rarely gets to see many of his patients fully recovered.

“It’s unusual, it usually doesn’t happen and it’s very heart warming and gratifying when it does happen. It was me and a bunch of other people, we just happen to be here and we had got the opportunity to help her out,” said RN Paul Bailey.

It’s a tragedy that’s touched the hearts of many but some say that Noel’s bubbly personality has got her through those tough times.

Noel shows us the metal pieces in her face that are now holding her skull together. Something her grandmother is amazed she can do.

“One of the doctors told her before she got out of the hospital, he looked at her and said young lady you know you’re supposed to be dead don’t you..It if had not been for the ER here doing just what was needed she wouldn’t have made it,” said grandmother Gail Geno.

Noel looks forward to get back to work and attend college very soon.


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