Tupelo Urges Caution For Pokemon Go Players


The City of Tupelo enjoys seeing residents and visitors using its public places and walking the sidewalks through neighborhoods. Lately, our public places have seen an increase in traffic because of the Pokemon Go app.

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“We want to encourage people to have fun and get outdoors,” said Mayor Jason Shelton. “Certainly, Pokemon Go encourages more physical activity in a relaxing and enjoyable way. But we also want to remind people they need to observe the same rules of safety they always do when in public places, crossing the streets and to make sure they do not violate the peace and quiet of others by walking through yards or damaging private property.”

Shelton noted that in some areas of the country, Pokemon Go players are climbing electric power towers, which could result in severe injury or death. “Please, do not take chances. No game is worth a life,” he said.

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