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Kelli Tomlin

Kelli Tomlin

Robert Tomlin

Robert Tomlin

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — A West Alabama couple are being detained in Monroe County following a traffic stop.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Unit conducted a traffic stop in Hamilton, Miss.

According to a press release, agents discovered Ala. wife and husband Kelli Tomlin, 31, and Robert Tomlin, 42, to be in possession of ice, a near-pure form of methamphetamine.

Bond has not been set, and both are being detained at the Monroe County Detention Center.

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  • Ed

    Worse than losers…..what do they bring to the table…..nothing. Be willing to bet you they don’t have/want a job, live off the government in some manner, and vote democrat……yeah buddy, worse than losers…..sad thing is we have to support them.

    state needs to cut them so they don’t breed anymore like themselves.

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