Video: Two Homes Dedicated to Louisville Tornado Survivors

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Winston CO, Miss. (WCBI)- Two people, devastated by last year’s tornado in Louisville were given new homes Wednesday.

Two Katrina Cottages were dedicated to Freada Estes and Jerome Moncrief from Winston Strong, a community based recovery program.

The first dedication took place off of Young Crossing Road, the other, on Odie Shields Road. Estes and Moncreif are both clients of Winston Stong. Last year their homes were completely destroyed when the tornado swept through the town.

“I’m just happy, and it’s been a blessing,” Estes said. “We went through a struggle and I finally made it.”

Executive Director of Winston Strong, Mike Dowd says the program will continue to help rebuild the community.

“We will not close our doors until the last case has been closed and the last family that we are aware of has been taken care of,” Dowd said. “We can’t do everything but we will do everything that we can do, as long as Winston County is in need. ”

There are 227 homes that were severely damaged or destroyed in the tornado. Out of those cases, 16 of those remain open. Two more houses will be dedicated tomorrow.

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