Undercover agents helping to crack down on telemarketers


NETTLETON, Miss. (WCBI) – When you think of law enforcement going undercover, a telemarketer doesn’t usually come to mind.

Northern District Public Commissioner Brandon Presley said agents from his office will be going undercover to stop those annoying calls.

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He said agents will talk with the telemarketers and collect information in order to prosecute the company.

Presley also wants to talk to phone companies to crack down on the calls.

Once July 1 rolls around, fines could reach $7,500.

“We are going to use their own tactics against them because they have no scruples. They have no hesitancy to harass our people, to try to steal from Mississippians. And so, we are going to use undercover tactics and deception, quite frankly, to try to go out and make sure we track these companies down,” said Presley.

You can report calls to the Public Service Commission’s office or on the PSC app.