Upcoming GOP Preview


Delegates are arriving this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland is home to the Republican National Convention which officially begins Monday.

Final construction is underway in the convention center.

Mississippi’s Republican delegates will join the more than 24 hundred delegates and 23 hundred alternates.

At least 8 delegates and alternates from North Mississippi will be attending meetings, events and speeches in this venue.

Republican delegate Keith Heard says the process to become a delegate begins at the grassroots level.

To get elected delegate, it starts at the county level, actually at the precinct. Yo go to the precinct. You have a precinct caucus, then you go to the county convention, then the state convention. And that is where the delegates are elected to go onto the national convention from there.

Heard is the chief of Staff for Mississippi Republican Senator Thad Cochran.

You can watch the keynote speeches every evening on WCBI.

The Democratic Convention begins the following week.

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