Valentine’s Day Preparations


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The countdown is on to Valentine’s Day and flower and gift shops are working around the clock getting ready.

It’s considered one of the busiest times for that industry.

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“It’s the Superbowl of the florist. It’s the craziest holiday of the year for us,” said Flowers By The Bunch Owner, Monti King.

The feelings most flower and gift shop employees experience when that special time of year rolls around, Valentine’s Day.

“We have several thousands of Roses. We have all kinds of fresh flowers and balloons teddy bears that you can see all around me,” said Noweta’s Green Thumb Floral Designer Terry Conerly.

“We’re making roses and arrangements, as we speak, we’re taking orders from people who come in We’ve got two phone lines running at the same time so we’re busy busy,” said King.

Conerly says to be sure they are ready for the big day is taking some doing.

“We’ve been preparing since last week, ordering the flowers, preparing the flowers. we stayed here Saturday and Sunday processing flowers which I say is a process,” said Conerly.

The National Retail Federation reports flowers as the top seller this holiday, saying we’ll spend $2 billion on them this year.

King says with statistics like that they have to have a plan of action.

“Tonight what we’ll do is fill all the order that’s been placed up to this point and then we’ll make arrangements so when customers come in. Tomorrow we’ll have arrangements ready to be placed on the truck. We’ve got seven delivery drivers all over Starkville Mississippi tomorrow delivering Valentines,” said King.

If you plan to buy bling, JP Jewelers owner Jamie Parkerson says it’s important to shop early.

“You want to have a good variety of stuff on hand because you know the men are going to wait till last minute and there’s no time to special order and get that stuff in. You have to have it on hand so they can grab and go,” said JP Jewelers Jamie Parkerson.

Conerly says above all the most important thing to remember about this holiday is think ahead.

“From tomorrow you have 365 days to place your order. So place it early. The earlier you place it the better for us”

The total price tag for Valentine’s day nationwide is $19 billion.