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LAMAR COUNTY, Ala. (WCBI)-Cowboys still ride off into the sunset, but that only comes after a long day of cattle herding.

One Indiana native decided to use his hobby to raise awareness about animal abuse.

Rain or shine, Josh Campbell and his 12-year old horse Cojack are taking their journey one step at a time.

The duo is a long way from home. Their expedition began in Elizabeth, Indiana, and will end in Roswell, New Mexico. Campbell and Cojack travel anywhere between 20 to 70 miles a day. But this ride comes with a purpose.

Campbell is on his way to help a horse rescue that is in need.

“Me and the founder of the rescue did one in the summer and we had to cancel that trip due to the weather and what not. So I just saddled up and went on this one. I didn’t really plan it. I just kind of…okay, this is where we’re going this is when I’m leaving,” says Campbell.

After traveling over 500 miles, Josh Campbell finally made it to Sulligent, Alabama. The first thing he decided to do is to get some food.

“Living off beanie weenies and beef jerky and stuff like that. It gets rough,” says Campbell.

Its even harder for Campbell to find a place to hit the hay.

“I sleep in the woods I sleep in barns. People sometimes they let me in what not. I’ve gotten pretty lucky with that,” says Campbell.

Here one day, and gone the next. Campbell says even though he is riding through, he hopes his message stays behind.

“Main thing I want people to get is if you see animals being abused do something about it. Don’t say it’s none of my business. Don’t shrug it off like somebody else is going yo. Call it in. That’s all you have to do. It doesn’t take a rescue to take care of neglected animals,” says Campbell.

If you would like to make a donation or learn more about Josh’s trip just log click on the link below.


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  • Pam

    Love this! And it is sure needed! More support for rescue. Stay safe Cowboy! God speed.

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