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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-The Grinch may be a fictional character, but one Columbus man has experienced the act of a local Grinch stealing his Christmas.

“I came home from work Monday night and the whole front yard was totally empty,” says Greg Blaugh.

Mrs. Clause, Frosty and six of their inflatable friends were stolen from Greg Blaugh’s yard earlier this week. It was just like a scene from the holiday classic, “how the Grinch Stole Christmas.

“What kind of person would come and take the decorations when so many people come by here night after night and see this stuff,” says Blaugh.

Greg’s decorations may have been stolen by the Grinch but he says that’s not going to rob him of his holiday spirit.

“We’re going back at it. I’ve got a farris wheel now. I’ve got lights everywhere we’re going to try and get 20,000 lights up tonight,” says Blaugh.

Every year, Greg spends weeks preparing to display over 50,000 Christmas lights. He even syncs them with Christmas music.

Greg says his lights are not only a tradition for him, but also for many throughout the community.

“They bring buses by here with people from the nursing homes, they love it. People in church buses come by they love it. There are a few families with autistic children they just adore this and I let them walk around the yard. It gives a lot of joy to them and I like that,” says Blaugh.

Proving that one thing the Grinch can never steal, is the true meaning of Christmas.

The Columbus Lowes heard about the incident through the Columbus Packet so they decided gave Greg half-off on his purchases.


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