Video: A Lifetime A-Fair At The Neshoba County Fair

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Neshoba County, Miss. (WCBI) — The Neshoba County Fair is home to all kinds of events from political speeches to horse racing.

But for 83 year old Snooky Williams and his wife, Mary Lou, the fair is about much more.

“I’ve learned a lot about politics, about treating your neighbor nicely, you’re going to see them next year…”, says Williams, “…the girl next door she’s from Dallas, I see her once a year, I saw her grow up…”

Williams has missed only one Neshoba County Fair in his lifetime.

He also says the fair’s closure during World War II doesn’t count.

He says the best way he can describe the fair to someone who has never experienced it is in a way a friend pictured it, “…it’s hot as hell and its like hell with most of my friends here…”

Williams and his wife get to enjoy the company of their family and friends on fairgrounds that have been a part of the Williams’ family for more than 100 years.

“We sleep 41 relatives here and its pretty close to each other. When the fair is over, we
still love each other and that’s the miracle of the fair”, says Mrs. Williams.

Williams’ brother and father were former presidents of the Neshoba County Fair.

Both served 10 years terms.

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