Video: A Social Media Warning For Parents

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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Recently, the use of the smart-phone app called Kik has been a way for predators to lure their next victim.

Kik is an instant messaging app available for most cell phones.

With millions of users, it can be also become a dangerous source for child-predators.

Kik is similar to text messaging but users have different ways of communicating with others in a more private way.

District Attorney Scott Colom says he has seen several cases where predators use kik to their advantage.

“Basically since it’s not a public instant messaging system and because it doesn’t show the phone number of the person sending the message, a lot of predators are using the app to try to find child prey,” said Colom.

The app is based out of Canada and because of that criminals think it can be harder for authorities to track them down.

But Colom says that isn’t true.

“In the cases I’ve seen, those people we’ve still been able to prosecute them and they’re not getting away with it but you still have the prospect of your child being a victim,” added Colom.
Local law enforcement want to warn parents to be on guard of all types of social media apps to keep their kids out of danger

“Know what apps they’re on, just because it has a friendly name doesn’t mean it’s a friendly site, if you don’t know what that app is, I encourage you to get on the internet research and see what it’s about, you can find out a whole lot of information,” said Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott.

Valuable information that can help keep your kids safe.
Kik has a feature that allows users to ignore people they don’t know, which provides more safety for kids.

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