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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)–He won his battle against cancer, and the Make-A-Wish foundation gave him the tools he needed to follow his dreams.

Keyon Docher is a natural musician. When he stands before a choir or sits in front of the ivory keys of a piano, he feels right at home. But its how he learned to play that is truly inspirational.

In 2001, Docher was diagnosed with cancer after it was discovered in his sinus cavity.

During his battle, the Make-A-Wish foundation granted his one request, piano lessons. That’s where he met Regina Weeks.

“The make-a-wish foundation got with us and I signed off to teach him for six months and after the six months he was doing better and a year later we were still together,” says Regina Weeks.

12-Years later, Docher is now in his third year at Mississippi State student. He majored in music.

“We talked and I said do you think you would be interested in doing some accompanying for SHS part time and oh he jumped at the chance,” says Weeks.

While his cancer treatments damaged his voice, his actions speak clearly.

“He is such an inspiration for my students because you know you fell down and then you look and think now wait a minute this child never got down and I have never seen Keyon Docher down,” says Weeks.

It’s that positive attitude that has allowed Docher to see the true meaning of life.

“Many people go through life but they do not live. Always remember that life is precious. Life is beautiful. Everyday it’s a gift so live each day as the gift that it is,” says Keyon Docher.

Keyon Docher conducted at Choctaw County High School Thursday night for their first Christmas production.

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  • Carla

    So very true. And should remember this daily . What an inspiration

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