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Starkville, Miss.[WCBI]-A couple of teachers and about a dozen students at Armstrong Middle School in Starkville are performing random acts of kindness they hope will spread all over campus.

For about three weeks now, a club formed at Armstrong Middle School thats “AOK” has been encouraging everyone on campus to perform “acts of kindness.”


“And then whenever I talked to teachers and some more students it just sort of grew and grew into a kindness campaign. So that this could be something that focused on the positive,” said Karla Morgan, School Counselor.

“You know we really need to teach kids empathy. Empathy is not something that is just, you born with, it is something that is taught. And we as the adults have to be the intentional teachers,” said Paula Lasell, Inclusion Teacher.

Armed with posters bearing their positive message of love and compassion rather than hate, members of this club have also placed a wall of hearts across from the school cafeteria for all to see.


“You know see how these acts of kindness have grown, because we have gradually been putting them up. And it was a small number and then its grown and grown and now there is probably you know two or three hundred hearts up there,” said Morgan.

“We’re talking about just regular kindness not, don’t be rude to somebody, be, try to be nice to them. If you see someone putting someone else down, make sure you try to get them back up. Make sure they’re, don’t spread weirdness its not right,” said kaya Roacha, AOK Club Member.

In addition to creating the wall of hearts, giving classroom pep rally talks on kindness, and conducting a poster display initiative, AOK Club members are also collecting can good to be donated to the salvation army.


“Help our students, remember, that being kind can make a huge difference in the lives of others,” said Morgan.

“Means it can spread, spread all over the world because, if you be nice to somebody then they’ll be nice back to someone else and then it passes on and on,” said Rachel Jones, AOK Club Members.

Armstrong students were the ones to encourage the formation of the AOK Club, aimed at focusing on whats positive rather than the negative.

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