VIDEO: Alabama Election Day

VERNON, Ala. (WCBI) – The entire country is watching election day in Alabama.

Tuesday, December 12, Alabamians will decide whether Democrat Doug Jones or Republican Roy Moore will fill former Senator Jeff Session’s seat.

“What’s going on in Alabama?,” said Alabama resident Martha Mitchell.

It’s the question many are hearing from friends and family across the country ahead of the election for U.S. Senate.

“I even got a call from my sister in California asking me what’s going on. I’m going oh my gosh it’s even being covered in California, and all over the states. This needs to come to a close, it needs to be done and we all need to get back together,” said Alabama resident Theda Gatlin.

Tuesday’s election is met with allegations looming over Republican Roy Moore, who is accused of sexual misconduct.

While many in the conservative state, disagree with Doug Jones’ politics.

Vernon Precinct Inspector Kathy Heatherly says allegations like these can be damaging to any reputation, but Alabama politicians are just a few of the many national figures being accused.

“It’s not just Alabama, it’s nation wide. I mean, it started with the movie director and then it’s just gone  on and on, from one person, to the next to the next. It is kind of sad that things come out as they have but I hope we can just rise above that and the voters will elect the best person for the job,” said Heatherly.

Voters say, above all, they are ready to get this election in the books.

“I’m glad we’re fixing to close this chapter because it’s a long drawn out thing for no reason at all, when we should be able to come together without all this fighting and feuding,” said Mitchell.

“Elections shouldn’t be this nasty. I don’t like nasty elections. There’s no reason to do what’s been done. It just puts a negative spin on everything and life doesn’t need to be this negative. It’s politics, I realize that but it doesn’t have to be nasty, mean, and ugly. This has been nasty, mean, and ugly,” said Gatliln.

There was record turn out at the polls during today’s election.

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