Video: Area Students Learn Anti-Bullying Strategies

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) -The statistics are there….bullying affects millions of teens everyday. In fact, one out of four students are bullied on a regular basis.

Some might not realize how extreme bullying can be, even leading to suicide.

WCBI’s Alyssa Martin spoke with some students and a teacher on what they can do to ‘ stomp out bullying.’

These middle school students know the problem is real.

“Bullying is hurting people on purpose when you know its hurting them and you don’t really have a heart when you bully.”

“Yes it’s a big problem.”

Studies show about 77% of all students have been bullied at some point. From cyber bullying and physical bullying, students see the different types.

“Instead of physically, there’s different ways than physically, there is emotionally and verbally and things like that.”

A number of anti-bully campaigns are out there. Most recently, the Ad Council is promoting a new emoji, designed to combat online bullying.

Programs are also in place throughout local schools to teach students how to break away from bullies.

Lindsay Price is a member of the Junior Auxiliary of Columbus, which sponsors a program called Stand up, Speak out.

“And really want students to become educated on what their rights are and what they can do against a bully and how they can report it.”

Price is also a teacher at New Hope Middle School.

She sees bullying first hand but says thanks to educational programs, she now sees the positive effects on her students.

“I still see but I’m very proud to say, especially with our bystander awareness and making the children understand the right way to deal and be a bystander and to support the target, I’ve really seen a change in them.”

And as for these sixth graders, they’re determined to beat the bullying.

” We need to basically stand up and speak out.”

“Help each other and try to be nice to them and if that doesn’t help, just get a teacher to help you.”

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