Video: Artesia Women in Leadership Roles

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ARTESIA, Miss. (WCBI)- In the small town of Artesia, women help run the city. They hold several seats already on the board of aldermen and now two women are in the mayoral race against Incumbent Jimmy Sanders.

Annie Hines-Shiver is one of the three candidates running for mayor this year and says with the not so flattering stigmas typically attached to women in leadership roles, it’s nice to see females stepping up.

“People basically don’t think that some of the females can stand forward and do what’s required for us to do, but we can. We went to the same schools as men did, we got the same degree, same education as they do and we can do this,” said Hines-Shiver.

Jimmy Sanders has been Mayor for nearly 20 years and knows the impact women have in his town.

During my time, women really have supported me quite well, matter of face, we’ve got 4 women on our board and we got a lady city clerk. We really feel like women do a good job for us,” said Mayor Sanders.

Teresa Sanders is Artesia’s City Clerk and also admires all the women who are taking on leadership roles.

“I think women have good points and I think we do stand out in Artesia. I’ve been here 16 years and pretty much I’m next to the mayor so, women do run the town. We are the small town that does big things,” said Sanders.

And Hines-Shiver hopes that both women and men continue to live up to that Motto.

“If we want to do better and accomplish things, we have to pull together in order to do it,” said Hines-Shiver.

Diane Sherrod, the third candidate running for mayor tells us that women in leadership roles support and give life to the ideology that our youth can aspire to pursue careers in various fields.

She also said it’s important to highlight males and see their positive role in government as well.

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