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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) The Mississippi University for Women has some exciting additions in the works.

MUW use to attract athletes from across the state but a tornado in 2002 changed everything. With many of the facilities destroyed, the college had no other choice but to cease all of their athletic programs. Now, President Jim Borsig thinks its time for his students to have an outlet for their athletic ability.

“Everyone we’ve talked to has said there’s great student athletes in Mississippi who want to compete at one more level above what they’re competing right now and not everybody can compete at Division 1. We think that there are plenty of great student athletes that would like to go to school at The W that we’ll be able to recruit to compete in athletics here.”

Before sports can be reinstated, Borsig says the school needs to focus on fundraising so student tuition doesn’t go up. Soccer, cross country, tennis and swimming are all possible athletics that will be started at MUW.

“The real question for us is who will we play. Where’s the competition because the expense of travel and having to be able to develop a schedule is really the key about being able to compete.”

While sports teams would bring new students and tourists to the area, Borsig knows the road to get there will be tedious.

“Phase 1 came back with ‘yes we should go into athletics’. And then 4 pages of questions that needed to be answered in phase 2.”

Students who choose to participate in sports will be non scholarship athletes and most likely competing at the Division 3 level. The next report on the return of athletics to MUW is expected in October.

A former Division 3 athletic director is advising The W on their new program.

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