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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Threats, a man with a shotgun…and a police chase ended peacefully Wednesday (12-12) morning on Highway 45 in Columbus. Phillip Parker was finally stopped just in front of the army recruiters office by Highway Patrol Troopers, Columbus Law Enforcement, and Lowndes County Sheriff’s Deputies. Parker was driving a white company truck at the time of the chase and did have a shotgun in the truck. Investigators say Parker, who was scheduled for a mental health evaluation Wednesday (12-12) morning, changed his mind and became agitated. His son notified authorities, who managed to stop Parker without incident. No charges have been filed. Family members say Parker has since agreed to seek the help he was scheduled to receive Wednesday morning.


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  • HB

    I have to say I am a little upset at how this was story was presented. When you hear the story on the news, or read about it- you imagine a high speed car chase and a man that had intentions on harming others with a shotgun. When actually the guy wasn’t driving fast and like most men in the south he keeps a gun in his truck. Sure I know the police had to take all of the precautions- and I am very thankful they take things seriously-but- when its all said and done the news shouldnt overly dramatize or stretch the truth. I will say that there may be no false statements, but the way it was presented was misleading. The man was wrong for what he did- but do the family and his co-workers deserve any more negativity than they are already getting? Unfortunately this is not the first time a story has been a little “spiced up” for TV. But like I said, be careful how your report things, it effects more than the one person that was involved.

  • Megan

    This “story” has been blown WAY out of proportion. You acted like this man was on a high speed chase about to shoot up the town, when in all actuality he wasnt speeding and the gun, that was UNLOADED, just happened to be in the truck when he was pulled over. Phillip Parker is a nice guy that just happens to have a mental illness, THATS IT!! He needed his meds regulated. How about reporting on some REAL news like all of the break-ins that are happening in the New Hope area that haven’t been talked about at all, instead of blasting a mans personal business all over the news!

  • PME

    I have known Mr. Parker for years and he has always been a good man. He made a mistake by not stopping for the officers but the way the story was aired it made it seem like it was a high speed dangerous chase. From what I have gathered in my own personal investigating he was going within the speed limit and never made any threatening remarks like the story led people to believe. It seems like these people cared more about having a good story than ruining a mans good name. I wish they would have taken the time asked people who were there and knew him and not just go on loosely based here say.

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