Video: Brooksville Resident Battles with City over Sewage in her Home

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BROOKSVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A Brooksville homeowner says she’s been dealing with sewage coming into her home for years. Her insurance company says it’s the city’s problem and the city says they’ve found no problem with the sewage pipes.

A tub full of sewage is what homeowner Diane Davis says happens in her home every time she uses her washing machine.

“I have feces all in my bathtub, I have sewage up to the rim of my bathtub, all in my floors, all in in the walls of my house,” says Davis.

Davis says she’s had this problem since 2010 and brought it to the city of Brooksville’s attention the following year. Farm Bureau, Davis’ insurance company, told her the sewage issue isn’t covered and the city should get involved.

“The sidewalk is pressing on my pipes but the city is still saying it’s on my side. I need to fix it,” says Davis.

Brooksville Mayor David Boswell confirmed that a city crew has been out to the property to investigate and found that the underground sewage pipes were working properly. Boswell says Davis did attend Tuesday night’s board meeting to present the issue and the board will continue to investigate. Still, Davis feels she’s been ignored for years and no one is trying to solve the sewage issue.

“I pay my insurance, I pay my waste bill, I pay my water bill. I do what I’m supposed to do as a homeowner. Yet I’m still caught in the middle. I can’t get Farm Bureau to do what they need to do, or the town of Brooksville to do what they need to do, whoever is accountable. Everybody is just leaving me shut out and I’m the one suffering with this problem,” says Davis.

Mayor Boswell, who took office last year, also said he simply needs time to get to the bottom of the sewage issue at Davis’ home.

I also spoke to Brooksville Alderwoman Tina Williams who says she’s new to the board and was unaware of the sewage problem Davis has. She declined to comment on the matter.

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