Video: Business On The Tenn-Tom Waterway

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss.(WCBI)–The Tenn-Tom Waterway Management Center opened to commerce in 1985 is celebrating the 30th anniversary of it’s dedication this year. The huge waterway extending through four states has been a tool and catalyst for business growth.

When it comes to transporting large volumes of materials long-distances, the Tenn-Tom Waterway serves as an instrument for economic growth. Not to mention recreational activities and campsites on the 234 mile stretch.

“Another responsibility we have is wildlife mitigation. We manage about 188,000 acres of land for wildlife mitigation. Some of that is on the Waterway and some of it it’s wildlife management are all over the state of Alabama and Mississippi,” said Rick Saucer/Waterway Operations Manager.

Businesses utilize the waterway because its the cheapest in terms of transportation costs per ton mile.

“The steel mill here in Columbus is one of the main ones that was located here, I think due to the waterway and bringing materials in,” said Rick Saucer.

Those commodities pass through 10 lock and dams, providing navigation debt for towboats on the water.

“Coal is one of our main products thats shipped on the waterway of course we have wood products, chemicals, petroleum products,” said Rick Saucer.

In addition to being energy efficient, a safer reliable mode of transportation, and environmental compatibility, the waterway has created jobs for local workers.

“I think the total tunage through the waterway commerce data center for 2013 which is the last year that we have was 7.8 million tons total for the waterway,” said Rick Saucer.

The man-made waterway is a 4 state compact composed of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

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