VIDEO: City Of Starkville Bans The Use Of E-Cigarettes In Public Places


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Lighting up in Starkville now comes with some new restrictions.


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It was nearly a decade ago when the city banned smoking in all public areas.

During Tuesday night’s Board of Alderman meeting, city leaders unanimously voted to include E-Cigarettes in that ordinance, this means vaping is no longer allowed in public places.

Mayor Lynn Spruill said this decision is a continuing effort to keep the public protected from tobacco or nicotine related products.

“I think it just shows that we continue to be a leader and being concerned about our citizens health, and in our quality-of-life. All of those things are impacting what we are trying to do and make Starkville be the best place that he can be for people to live, work, play, and learn,” said Mayor Lynn Spruill.


Some vape shop owners expressed their disappointment with the board’s decision, saying the move will hurt their business.

The new ordinance takes effect next month.

  • Greg Dj-g

    Evidently, they haven’t been keeping up with the news… which has been saying for the past week that VAPERS ARE RIGHT… VAPING SAVES LIVES!

    • LostInUnderland

      They do not care. It is all about demonizing people who are addicted to nicotine. Barbecue’s are more dangerous than vaping, but you do not see them banning barbecuing in the city limits.

  • toquinn55

    This is the most ridiculous thing that I’ve ever heard of! I think we should go to neighboring towns to eat, shop, etc and boycott STARKVILLE! I’m ashamed of the Alderman and thought this mayor might be better, but she is just like the rest. Boo Starkville!

  • They might as well take a gun and point it straight at every smoker in their area, because they are doing nothing but destroying lives. ALL the evidence suggests that there is NOTHING harmful in second hand vape, so pulling a stunt like this proves that they don’t care about the citizens and should be voted out of office and never allowed to hold another public office for their entire career. Sickening. In 2015 vaping SAVED my life, the facts are there if anyone is willing to look at real people and not politicians attempting to line their pockets with big tobacco’s money. Sickening what these people do. Overreaching? How about putting nails in the coffins of every smoker they kill because they don’t take time to educated themselves on the positive benefits of switching from smoking to vaping. I wouldn’t want those people governing me.