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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-Some Columbus dog owners are speaking out against recent “dognappings” across the area.

“I let the dogs out to use the bathroom came in for a second  wasn’t even inside for about five minutes walked back out and he was gone,” says Samantha Nowell.

Samantha Nowell immediately went into panic mode as she searched for her lost puppy. That’s when Nowell turned to social media to spread the word.
“We’d have forty to fifty shares a day and just because of that by word of mouth we found him in Bruce, Mississippi of all places,” says Nowell.

Nowell realizes her case is rare. In many situations, dogs like T-REX never come back home.

“They are a hot commodity. You know normally if someone takes a dog it’s for a pet or it’s for money or I hate to say it but unfortunately they go to fighting rings and I thought the worst but luckily everybody pulled together and helped us find our baby,” says Nowell.

Like Nowell, Octavian Walos is searching for his missing 14-month old pit bull and is hoping for a miracle.

“It’s been gone for the passed days so I don’t know if he was stolen maybe got lost but chances are I believe that he was stolen,” says Octavian Walos.

Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society shelter manager, Jason Nickels is seeing an increase in dognappings in Lowndes County.Now, he’s giving advice that can help speed up the search process.

“You have a day you want it microchipped that helps identify the dog and shows that you are the owner if it shows up in a shelter whether it’s here or wherever when someone scans it it tells me who it belongs to,” says Jason Nickels.

“Be aware of your surrounding it doesn’t matter if it’s day time night time it doesn’t matter if you’ve lived there one year or ten years anything can happen. So just be aware,” says Nowell.

It is a crime to take someone’s pet, after all they are like a member of the family to many of their owners. If you have any information on these dognapping contact your local law enforcement.

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  • Rick Lewis

    Tippah Co. has had charges filed on a Jason Smith from Union Co.for 6 or 7 yrs for stealing 2 pitbulls and killing 2 other pitbulls. He can’t get arrested in Tippah Co.,Smith has been in jail in Lee and Union Co’s for mutiple drug charges, but Sheriff Galliard did not want to pick Smith up.

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