Video: Columbus High School Seniors Display Art Work for the Community

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — If you’ve ever been to an art exhibit, you know the pieces have a different meaning for each person. With each nail and brush stroke, these teens show family, friends and the community a piece of themselves.

Destiny Jones uses art work over the last few years as a way to express her thoughts.

“I try to incorporate how we all look at each other in different views, in different eye views,” says Destiny Jones.

While some students paint their emotions, other use their childhood heroes as inspiration.

“I’ve been a big superhero fan ever since I was a little kid so my first piece was a superman piece,” says Heath Fisackerly.

While painting Marvel heroes, Heath Fisackerly discovered a kryptonite of his own. Now, his teacher is helping him overcome what the senior calls a weakness.

“I’m a perfectionist so I want everything to be perfect and she has just been really helpful calming me down and letting me know that whatever I do is going to be fine,” says Fisackerly.

“Students started out really weary not sure of themselves and over the last two years they have really grown in confidence in their work,” says Sarah Oswalt.

Students are finding as their frustrations grow, their talents emerge.

“We as artists though we may not have been an artists when we got in we all found our reason and we all found where we are suppose to be and where we do best,” says Corey Persons.

The student’s art was displayed Thursday Night at the high school.

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