Video: Columbus Police Department Hosts Glock Training Seminar

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Armed and ready to go, officers from 18 different agencies practiced locking and loading glock pistols under the watchful eye of Joe Evans.

“What we’re doing is showing the guys what to do if the gun doesn’t work. If they get out in the field and have a problem, we’ve got a lot of customer support and stand behind them. These guns are simple enough that the officers, with these 8 hours of training, will be able to maintain the guns themselves. It’s the most popular firearm in law enforcement and the U.S.,” said Evans.

Evans is the key attraction at Thursday’s gun training seminar, sponsored by the Columbus Police Department. Tiffany Johnson works for a gun training facility and traveled from Memphis for her training lesson from Evans.

“I myself am not a law enforcement officer, but many agencies now carry glock and so the more the agencies know about the way the weapons operate the better able they are to assess any potential malfunctions,” said Johnson.

Jonson says she learned a lot not only how glocks can malfunction but also how they’re properly secured.

“One common misconception about the glock pistol is that it has no safety, because you don’t see a conspicuous safety lever on the outside of the gun. But in face, a glock pistol has at least 3 main safeties that are internal and they work in conjunction with each other as to maximize safe operation,” said Johnson.

It’s these lessons Tiffany and law enforcement officials know will count when they need it the most.

Columbus police officers are among the 65 percent nationwide who use the glock on the job.

The class also helps the department decrease training costs and at the same time increasing the effectiveness of the officers.

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