VIDEO: Dad’s Making A Difference


WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- Dad’s play vital and influential roles in their children’s lives.

They’re looked at as the backbone of the family.

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On Tuesday, the West Point Consolidated School District held a seminar highlighting the importance of fathers and their roles.

“Being a father is essential, it’s one of the best things that can ever happen to you, and certainly nothing you can ever do will exceed the wonders an awesomeness of being a dad,” said Charles Marshall, humorous motivational speaker.

Marshall is a well-known author and motivational speaker.  Although he enjoys doing both, he admits, nothing compares to being a father.

“Some people say, especially when they get in their teenage years, people go oh, just wait until they are teenagers, and we are in our teenage years now with our kids and it’s the best it’s ever been,” Marshall expressed.

Marshall said fathers have an important role. They impact, influence, and inspire their kids every day.

“It’s not a once a week thing, it’s not a once a month thing, you need to be there every day helping them with their homework, helping them tie their shoes, helping them brush their teeth,” Marshall explained.

Being a dad consists of wearing many hats such as being a provider and a protector for the family.

“Often the future relationships that your child has will be built on the strength of their relationship with their dad,” said Marshall.

However, the Marshall said in today’s society, the role of a dad is starting diminish.

“I think that many of the ills of our society right now can be attributed to the absence of the father in the home,” the humorous motivational speaker said.

Father’s being absent is something Marshall is hoping to change.

He uses his platform to travel all across the world and speak with fathers about the importance of dad’s stepping up and being in their child’s life.

On Tuesday, he spoke to a packed crowd of dad’s their significance and ways they can continue to become better fathers.

“I would like for fathers to realize that their mandate is to be there for their kids and to contribute to their kids lives,” said Marshall.