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LOUISVILLE, Miss. – (WCBI) Shattered glass. Padlocked doors. A crumpled wind chime.

The Ef4 tornado that touched down on grounds of the Winston County Medical Center left an ugly scar on the entire campus.

There is one building that sustained minor damage.

A place where some of the area’s most seasoned residents call home.

Three years ago, just on the other side of a now boarded window, was a place where fellowship was a part of the daily routine and laughter resonated through the halls.

For now, the sound of laughter has been replaced with silence. The residents were evacuated that day, and they haven’t returned. They are scattered, living in different nursing homes across the viewing area, separated from their neighbors and their friends.

It won’t take long before the residents are reunited. The light and life will return to building.

Recovery takes time, so for now, happy memories shared at this place will have to do until new ones can be made. Until then, this is just one more day in the life.

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