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STARKVILLE, Miss. – (WCBI) The summer is ideal for taking vacations. All that travelling can wear on your car. Making sure you take a proactive approach to maintenance is key.
Meet Chris Sellers. The long time mechanic recently took over as manager of the the Shell Rapid Lube, located on Stark Road in Starkville. Roll into the garage, and ten minutes later,you can hit the road. Regular oil changes, every 3-5,000 miles, can keep your vehicle on the road longer. Every vehicle relies on different types of oil to run.
Chris explains the science behind motor oils.
“The zero weight starts, that stuff is like water basically. As the engine warms up, it gets thicker. This one right here gets even thicker. It starts at a five and ends at a 20,” says Sellers.
It’s not just the type of oil. Chris says its important to keep your oil at its recommended level.
“Basically, when your motor is running the oil is jumping around everywhere. You are going to wipe the excess off, so that you can get a proper reading.”
The pit crew does more than just change the oil. They also check your air filter.
“if you can’t see any type of day light through there, then its time to change your filter.”
So we’ve changed the oil, and the air filter.Coolant is next. They also keep computer records of your maintenance.
For Chris Sellers and the rest of the crew at the Shell Rapid Lube, keeping your motor running is just one more day in the life.

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