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FULTON, Miss. (WCBI) – Pre-school teacher April South had a passion for children and taught at the Itawamba Attendance Center. That’s why two years ago, her untimely death shocked everyone. To honor her, a group of friends created an organization known as “April’s Angels” .

They’re trying to raise 100 thousand dollars to build a playground for handicapped and special needs children at the I-A-C. This afternoon, stars from the popular reality television show “Duck Dynasty” headlined a fundraiser for April’s Angels and WCBI’s Allie Martin was there.

Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson’s talk was called “Faith, Family and Football.” He talked about all three subjects and also told some stories about his childhood in West Monroe Louisiana, and how he became head of “Duck Commander” taking the company from a family business to a multi million dollar business empire.

Willie also brought along his wife, Korie, and their 5 kids. He thanked the audience for watching the television show and for sending a strong message to Hollywood.

“It’s about changing the culture of our whole country and saying ‘hey we want something different on entertainment than what we’ve seen and because we know there’s a lot of garbage out there on TV, so thank you guys for supporting the show . Christianity, we’re not ashamed of that, we’re bold with that, yes we’ve been successful,” says Robertson.

Proceeds from this event will help build a handicapped accessible playground at the Itawamba Attendance Center. Members of April’s Angels, are spearheading fundraising efforts.

“I think this event is a reflection of Itawamba County and how well everybody comes together in the community to work and volunteer and to make this project happen for April’s Angels,” says Emily Quinn of April’s Angels.

Audience members were not disappointed and were glad the Robertsons helped a worthy cause.

Willie and Korie spent a few moments after the fundraiser autographing items for fans, that’s the long line behind me, they are preparing for a new season of the most popular reality television show and April’s Angel’s is one step closer to its goal of having a handicapped accessible playground at the Itawamba Attendence Center.

If you would like to know how to donate to April’s Angels, go to www.createfoundation.com.

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