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MACON, Miss. (WCBI)- Chasity Bland, 35, of Macon was traveling on Highway 82 east last Tuesday when she suddenly had a heart attack. Her Pontiac Grand Prix skidded down the slippery embankment right before the 18th Avenue exit.

Her mother, Patricia Brooks was devastated when she got the call.

“Her last words were ‘I’m dying.’ And the policeman said when the officer got there she was foaming at the mouth and she was mumbling something and her eyes rolled to the back of her head,” says Brooks.

Authorities say she fell out of the vehicle. Chasity had a pre-existing heart condition.

“I still have my moments where I break down. I can’t help it. That’s my baby. And she was my only daughter,” says Brooks.

But Chasity’s mother is using her time of grief to reach out to those who stepped up to help her daughter. She wants to thank them personally.

“I would love to meet the gentleman that called in. I would love to meet him! I would like to meet all of them! For taking care of my baby. They were doing their job for anyone, but I would like to just shake their hand,” says Brooks.

Chasity’s husband, Derek Bland, also wants to share his gratitude.

“I’d just tell them, God bless them. Love your people, love your wife, husband to your full ability, don’t take nothing for granted,” says Bland.

Patricia appreciates the prayers from people in the community and hopes the kindness people are showing now, will continue.

“I feel so much love. If we could just do this all the time! You know, if we just show this love everyday..wouldn’t it be wonderful,” says Brooks.

If you are someone who tried to help Chasity Bland, you can reach out to her family by phone. Their number is (662) 726- 9921.


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