Video: Group Asks Lowndes County Voters To Legalize Marijuana

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Marijuana might be on it’s way to becoming legalized in Mississippi. Lowndes county residents gathered at a meeting to get signatures on a ballot initiative petition, which would help the legalization of marijuana and cannabis in the state.

It’s the first of many efforts in Columbus to gather signatures on the Ballot 48 Initiative. The petition would end the prohibition of marijuana and industrial hemp in the state, fully legalizing it’s use, taxation, medicinal use and the cultivation of marijuana.

Group organizer, Joseph Rauhoff, says the meeting is an informative session for voters.

“Just wanted to get the information out to the voters of Lowndes County so they would know the facts if they heard different on the street,” said organizer, Joseph Rauhoff.

The ballot initiative places some restrictions on marijuana, including the age of users and the growing amount for farmers.

“It would be regulated just like alcohol. You would have to have a license issued by the circuit clerk if you want to sell it. It would allow people  to grow up to 500 plants, that would require a certificate also,” added Rauhoff.

Each district in the state requires more than 21,000 signatures from voters in order to pass the petition. Supporters say Mississippi could profit from the legal sale of marijuana.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to pass this measure and to use the money for something beneficial that would benefit our state since we are last in healthcare, education and to use that money to put in the coffer’s and assist other areas where we are lacking,” said Chris O’Callaghan.

Other supporters say the agriculture use could provide a better way of life for some.

“We would have the perfect climate for growing it and we could help give a lot of people jobs and bring in money for the state and get funding to help fix some things around here as well as the schools,” said Jordan Rauhoff.

The group of supporters plan to gather petition signatures throughout Lowndes County until their August 1st deadline.

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