Video: Hamilton & Bruce Salute To Veterans

[bitsontherun cYNi4l7b]UNDATED, Miss. (WCBI)- For the week leading up to Veterans Day, we’ve been profiling military personnel who’s bravery helped make and keep America Strong.  Patriotic voices of young fifth graders singing the song entitled Heart of America captured the emotions of veterans and their families during a celebration Monday (11-12) morning at Hamilton High School Gym.  To the northwest in Calhoun County, lovers of God and country gathered at the Bruce Town Square. Bruce resident Sonia Brasher appreciated the honor given to her husband who served in Vietnam.  “Oh its very nice and appropriate to honor our veterans,” said Sonia Brasher, Calhoun County.  “I think its great. We had some good speakers. I went to Calhoun City also. Had a good speaker there, it was Judge Lackey and had the children there, sang a patriotic song. And its really an honor to be here with the folks,” said Charles Lee, Navy Veteran.  Veterans of at least three foreign wars basked in this tribute at the square, for brave men and women then and now.  “It makes me proud to be an American. I know that we still got the freedoms that, to congregate. I’ve seen many countries that where that wouldn’t be allowed. They would have pulled, you know weapons on you and drove you away at the threat of death,” said Robert Henry, Army Veteran.  Freedoms we all hold so dear, because of those who chose to wear the uniform, that identifies them with the home of the brave and the free.  “Its always wonderful when you can be at home at a veterans program, and I serve with your son. And he is over seas right now. So we can keep it going for folks like him that’s defending this country,” said Marshal Coleman, Army National Guard.  Army National Guard Captain Dameion Brown commands a company of men and women soldiers at an amory a few miles from that square in Bruce.


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