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OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-An Oktibbeha County Jury’s guilty verdict sealed the fate of Brian Holliman of Lowndes County Thursday. Holliman was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of his wife Laura Godfrey Holliman in 2008. About an hour into a lengthy seven hour deliberation, the jury requested that Judge Lee Howard allow them to hear the emergency 911 call Holliman made the day his 25 year old wife died. This time a second jury reached the same conclusion as the first one did four years ago. In the minds of both the defense and the prosecution in the Holliman case, you can never judge a jury’s actions when they are behind closed doors.

“Never bet on fast women, slow horses, or juries. So I have no opinion. You never know whats going on back there,” said Steve Farese, Brian Holliman’s Attorney.

“Different juries sometimes reach different conclusions simply because they are comprised of different people. You know, and people see things differently,” said Forrest Allgood, Lowndes County DA.

Holliman will serve a life sentence with the possibility for parole. That’s the same sentence he received the first time around.



  • Myranda

    That dirt bag got what he deserved finally! He took away a precious young woman And mothers life. Her kids now her kids now get to grow up without a mother and a father it is sickening that he could do this. What a tragedy this is and I’m am beyond thankful that justice was served except I would rather pay the electric bill for him to have the death penalty then for him to get to LIVE the rest of his life even though poor Laura lee never will get that chance! Forrest Allgood is an amazing man and prosecutor. My heart goes out to her family and my hat off to the DA!! Steve Farese is a snake for even being willing to defend this nutjob.

  • 020822

    1. You may think the jury’s guilty verdict (on 08-15-2013) has sealed Brian Holliman’s fate, not so fast. Mr. Farese (Holliman’s defense attorney) rested the case without calling any witnesses (notice Mr. Farese stated that not calling any witnesses was strategy). Brian Holliman dosen’t need an attorney to file an appeal and he has a prima facie case for ineffective assistance by defense counsel by his attorney not putting forth a defense.

    2. The weight of evidence in first trial were stacked against Mr. Holliman; in his closing arguments, the states’s attorney made derogatory statements (which had nothing to do with the guilty verdict) toward Mr. Holliman and the trial judge should have instructed the jury to disregard the statements; but no, the trial judge overruled the defenses objections to these statements and Holliman was convicted. On December 1, 2011 Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and remanded Holliman conviction for a new trial (for one reason) because the trial judge allowed those derogatory statements.

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