Video: Home Improvement Store Helps Local City For Its ‘Clean Up’ Day

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – A building supply store lends a helping hand to one city for its cleanup day this weekend.

The Home Depot in Tupelo donated trash bags, large coolers, bottled water and other sports drinks to the city of Aberdeen.

This Saturday, Aberdeen residents are being asked to take part in the first ever community wide “Cleanup Day.”

It is an opportunity for residents to do their part to help pick up trash throughout the city.

“We need to start cleaning up litter, back when my kids were young, the phrase was ‘don’t be a litter bug.’  I don’t know what it is today but we need to stop throwing garbage, cigarette butts, beer cans, bottles, whatever, we need to stop throwing them in the street,” said Aberdeen resident Linda Record.

“One of Home Depot’s core values is giving back to our community so we do it, we enjoy it and we love to see the communities around us thrive,” said LaToya Loyd, of Home Depot.

Several Aberdeen High School seniors joined the mayor to collect the donated items from Home Depot.

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