VIDEO: Honoring Lowndes County First Responders


COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI)—First responders lay their lives on the line every time they suit up and the Salute to Lowndes Finest organization… says thanks.

Friday the organization hosted roughly 175 first responders for it’s 12 annual appreciation luncheon.

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The group began the event after working at ground zero after 9/11.

Chairmen of the Salute to Lowndes Finest organization Mark Smith says this is the least they can do for all that the first responders have done and continue to so for the area.

“They put their lives on the line for us everyday, all the time. They run to the sound of the gunfire or the fire or whatever it is. Whenever we pick up the phone and dial 911 they come running all the time. You can’t put a price on that so this is the very least we could do,”said Smith.

Salute to Lowndes Finest also offers a fund for first responders who experience any personal crisis.