Video: Job Openings Motivate Job Seekers In The Golden Triangle

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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – This month, more than 1,100 jobs are open in Mississippi in the manufacturing industry alone. Nearly 1,000 are opening up in the professional field.

All and all, this year looks promising. It’s all about the jobs.

Yokohama is in the forefront of hiring employees. The tire manufacturer will create around 500 new jobs in its first phase this year.

Angela Greenlee recently began searching for a job in the area. She says she is excited about the new businesses coming, because it means a better opportunity for job seekers.

“Really excited about that because without that, the chances are slim but it really is giving me a greater chance of finding employment,” said Angela Greenlee, a recent job seeker.

Greenlee is getting back into the job market but she remains hopeful for the future.

“There are hotels and stuff like that because I’m into housekeeping and factory work and there are more of that kind of jobs that they are sending in and I’m really glad about that,” said Greenlee.

Cequeila Bigbee is a Human Resource Specialist at the Win job center.

She works with potential employees to sharpen their skills and fine tune their resumes.

Bigbee says that people she works with are excited about their job outlook in the area.

“It’s a lot of happy people and a lot of hopeful people. A lot of people come in here who have been looking for something. Now they aren’t stuck in depression or obscurity,” said Bigbee.

Recruiters at the Win Job Center have a few tips for those seeking employment —

– – Be aware of the businesses coming to the area

– – Adjust your resume according to the job you want

– – Know basic computer skills

– – Sharpen your people skills and Interview Skills.

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