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JUMPERTOWN, Miss. (WCBI) – The people of Jumpertown crowded into the town hall, to witness the swearing in ceremonies of the new mayor and board of Aldermen. Twenty nine-year old Ashley Hurt became the first woman and youngest person to hold the office of mayor in Jumpertown. She feels honored that the people put their trust in her.

“I feel they know I love this town that I love this town as my own and I want to see it get the way it used to be and I believe they knew I would do my best, the best that I could and work with the board of aldermen and work with the townspeople to get it back booming like it used to be,” says Hurt.

Hurt works at the Prentiss County Justice Court and Judge Debra Moore has known her all her life.

“I know what Ashley’s made of. I know what she can do, the potential she’s got. She’s got the want-to to do it. That’s what it’s going to take,” says Moore.

For Mayor Hurt, its’ going to be quite a job balancing her schedule. Besides being Mayor, she’s going to keep her full time job, be a part time student, and of course a full time mom.

“Well she’s tough. She can handle it,” says Moore.

“I look at it as prioritizing. Right now Jumpertown is definitely at the top of my list and the top of everybody’s list. Everyone in this town wants to see this town succeed and grow and that’s my main thing. It used to be full of life. Every weekend there was something to do. We had ball league at the park, stores, people coming through stopping. It’s a wonderful place to live and we’re going to bring it back,” says Hurt.

The first major event of Mayor Hurt’s administration was a get-together at the town park.

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