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CORINTH, MISS. (WCBI) -When the ricin letter case first made headlines last spring, federal authorities initially arrested a Corinth man, but soon released him when the evidence pointed to Dutschke. 

Kevin Curtis was known to many as a local songwriter and Elvis tribute artist. Curtis claimed early in the ricin letter investigation that he had been set up by Dutschke.

Days after his Corinth home was raided by local, state and federal law enforcement, evidence led authorities to Dutschke, and Curtis was released.

He says he’s not surprised that Dutschke plead guilty to the federal charges last week and the fondling charges today. 

“I’m disappointed that I wasn’t notified and allowed to be sitting in the courtroom on the federal charges because it did involve me, I am a victim. He took a plea, he saved millions of dollars for the state of Mississippi, it would have gone on for years probably in litigation, so he, had he bucked it and went court it would have cost millions of dollars and then been found guilty, that’s probably life in prison. I could have been there for that I wasn’t informed that I could be there for that either, so I’m just in the dark,” Curtis said. 

Curtis was recently featured in an article in GQ magazine about the ricin letter investigation. He says talks are underway for a Hollywood movie about the incident.



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