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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) –  A 12-year old Tupelo girl wants to “give peace a chance.”

Meet 12-year old Taylor Haney. She invited friends to the parking lot of the Link Center for a Paint for Peace Party. There was face painting, T-shirt painting, and even a little Yoga. Haney wanted to have this event as way of taking a peaceful stand against the violence that has been occuring in places like Newtown, Connecticut. She calls her group of friends the Neo Hippy Kids.

“My mom wanted us to make a project so mine was for peace. I’m hosting a paint for peace party. Hopefully it will stop violence in like schools and stuff,” says Taylor.

“Newtown really had an effect on her as well as the stories that she has heard on the news about different wars and battles. So she wanted to do something to say enough is enough of the violence and wanted to stand up and have a voice about peace. So she wanted to have a paint party because she believes that if you’re making art, you’re not being violent. You’re not having wars and this was something pretty important to her,” says Kim Haney, Taylor’s mom.

Kim Haney says Taylor’s older brother and sister attended Pearl Elementary School, the day of the shooting happened down the street at Pearl High School.

“So they were very much affected and there have been so many school shootings since that time, that it is a constant reminder that we live in a time of violence,” says Haney.

Kim Haney says the Neo Hippie kids  do not oppose the military and the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces.

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