Video: The “L” Remains in CLRA

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) –Still no answers about the future of the Columbus Lowndes Recreation Authority and board President harry Sanders says any belief it’s a foregone conclusion that the county is leaving is wrong.

On Tuesday, Columbus Mayor Robert Smith told WCBI He believes some supervisors have already talked and a majority will vote to leave the authority.

However, Board President Harry Sanders says a decision has not yet been made. In Fact, Sanders says a vote on this subject wasn’t slated  for discussion during today’s meeting.

Sanders says there’s still some research to be done and discussions to be made with their consultant, other board members, and the Columbus-Lowndes Recreation Authority board.

Whenever the board does decide to to make a decision, Sanders says they will be transparent with the city.

“The thing about it is, if we were to make a decision to sever our relationship with the city as far as the inter-local agreement is concerned. We’d have to give a year’s notice that we’re going to do that, so even if we’d make that decision there’s still a whole year to go to make any plans or decide to undo it or whatever it is, and work out any details with the city or a whole lot of things that could happen.”

Sanders says the board has not yet made a decision on when they’ll have a meeting to discuss their next step.

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