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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)-Parents know the joy of seeing their child come into the world,but some experience the devastation of losing their little one. It’s time when words will do little to console the heartbreak.

We Introduce you to a group of volunteers on a mission to help sew families back together with a garment of love.

Having a baby is a time of happiness for many but for others it can quickly turn into a time of despair.

“Women’s hospital is a happy place and most of the time we have happy endings for most families but from time to time we do have a fetal demise baby that does not make it,” says Ellen Friloux.

In those dark moments the Women’s Hospital at North Mississippi Medical Center offers a special gift to the family.

Now, the hospital is teaming up with Heirlooms Forever in Tupelo to provide parents with a handmade gown for the child they’ll never hold.

It’s taht experience of loss that made one volunteer want to be a part of helping others.

“My first child was still born at 7 months so this was 35-years ago and this was not offered. It’s just something that takes less pressure off the mother who can dress her baby in something pretty that somebody with that somebody cared about loved sewing for something that not really a happy occasion but it’s a necessary thing,” says Kathy McKay.

Kathy Pizza says without the help of 26 volunteersfrom across the state, the project wouldn’t be possible.

“You don’t expect this to happen to your body and so to have something readily available in all different sizes that they can make a selection is there last time to buy something to just have something,” says Kathy Pizza.

“It’s such a…can’t think of anything worse and this will help,” says Kathy Mellinger.

On average the Women’s Hospital gives five handmade infant gowns to families each month; which has some volunteers recognizing the need.

“I think it is an unheard of need. I think it’s something that is a very touching thing and unless you have been through it you don’t know that it exists,” says Kathy Baker.

Even though the volunteers understand their handmade gowns will never replace the lives lost, they only hope to offer a garment made with love.

If you would like to volunteer for this cause you can contact

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