Video: Local Educators Comment on Maintaining Control in Classroom Environments

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – In Mississippi, the debate continues over adequate education funding for students and teachers, but nationwide the focus is on behavior in the classroom and on school buses.

As videos of altercations surface from around the country, let’s takes a look at how educators can prevent chaos in the classroom.
This is the last thing school administrators want to see in their classrooms.Retired Administrator Nancy Bragg, says there are ways to prevent things from reaching the extreme.
“Teachers have to really know students. The administration needs to know students. They need to know their students to the point where if there are problems, they can help to bring those students down to a point where they are listening rather than just losing control; but if you don’t know your students, it’s really difficult when things like this arise.”
Bragg says classroom management benefits teachers and students.
“Classroom management is essential. It has to occur. No student has a right to invade the learning day of other students. That is just not what needs to happen. Students have the right to come to school and learn. They should not be interrupted in this process by students who do not know how to behave.”
Teachers are taught how to control classrooms as soon as they begin the education program at the W, according to the Chair of Education.
“We do things with classroom management. We embed classroom management throughout our program, so from the very first class students take, all the way through the end of their program. .”
Dr. Monica Riley says when teachers maintain their professionalism and students understand their role, then classroom management issues take care of themselves.
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