Video: Local Youth Putting On Their Ballroom Dancing Shoes

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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – People across our area are putting on their dancing shoes, as part of “National Ballroom Dance Week.”  Ballroom dancing is gaining in popularity with all age groups.  In fact,  a local dance studio is finding growing interest from teenagers.

Once a week,

these teenagers come to “The Dance Studio” in downtown Tupelo, for youth classes.

They learn one dance every month.

Savannah Berry and Zach Wallace lead this class.  Both instructors have been dancing for years.

“My parents forced me to go, but I ended up loving it anyway,” Wallace said.

Wallace started dancing while homeschooled, much like siblings Alexandra and Zachary Hopper, who make the drive every week from Detroit, Alabama.

Alexandra is a ballet dancer, who wanted to try ballroom for fun.

“I really like it,  in some ways, ballet and ballroom are the same, you have a structure, you have a frame, some of the steps are the same too,” Hopper said.

These instructors say they are seeing more young people taking an interest in ballroom dancing.

“I think it’s great in terms of teaching communication skills, it also teaches fantastic relationship skills .  Teaches you about how to set boundaries, how to lead, follow, what it takes to be a good leader,” Berry said.

“It’s a great way to exercise, teaches you rhythm, how to control your body, tone your muscles,” Wallace said.

And it improves confidence and social skills.

“You have to interact with people when you do this, obviously, dancing with a partner, you have to look them in the face, you have to smile have to be friendly and it helps with that a lot, helps you kind of break out of your shell,” said Rebecca Tackett, of Mooreville.

Fourteen year old Zachary also likes the physical benefits of ballroom dance.

“By the way of fitness, you burn a good bit of calories everytime you do a dance,” Hopper said.

These teens look forward to the weekly sessions ,  and the lifelong skills they are learning on the dance floor.

The teens can practice their moves each Friday night when “The Dance Studio” hosts a public, dance party.  For more information, go to or call 662 842 2242.

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