Video: Louisville Insurance Agents Busy During and After Storm

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — Insurance agencies in Louisville are still busy processing customer claims. In addition to writing claims for damaged homes, one company alone has been helping hundreds of customers who are dealing with one or more damaged vehicles that were insured.

When that EF-4 tornado struck Louisville neighborhoods damaging homes on city streets, Alfa Insurance Agent Paul Halfacre had no time to loose. Claims had to be filed quickly so his home office in Montgomery could know how big the job would be.

“They sent us a mobile response unit staffed with at least half dozen or more administrative claims personnel as well as six or seven field adjusters that were out in their own vehicles going out into all the neighborhoods and taking care of needs. We hit it hard, ” Halfacre said.

As tornado victims scrambled for cover, local rental car companies went scrambling to help insurance agencies provide rental vehicles for their insured customers.

“They pulled in more, they even bought some. They made a couple of purchases of a dozen different vehicles at times. And we had other companies from Philadelphia and Starkville coming in to help as well. They had all their other offices backing them up,” said Halfacre.

“I believe I got some clients that had four vehicles you know. All four damaged. And several that had three you know, a lot of people had three vehicles,” said Halfacre.

With all the loss, some of property and life, what helps is having the assurance of insurance.

“It’s sure a lot better to have a company to help, help you with that load that burden. When tragedy of course like this strikes in such a magnitude,” said Halfacre.

If that EF-4 tornado struck Louisville neighborhoods and business district at a later hour of the day, even more vehicles and home would be destroyed, and more lives lost.

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