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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Six people charged with looting in storm ravaged Louisville made their first court appearance Tuesday. Ladrekas Powell, Kenneth Griffin, Zachary York, Shaquille Barnett, Cedrick Minor, and Katitus Baker are being held in the Winston-Choctaw Regional Correctional Facility. Their bond was set at $10,000.00 each. Chief L.M. Claiborne, Jr. says four of the men were arrested Monday. The others were picked up over the weekend. Claiborne warns others that they will be arrested if caught taking property from storm victims without permission.

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  • Jan

    $10,000.00 is a high bail? People who stoop so low as to take property that belongs to those who lost homes and lives in the tornados don’t deserve bail. Fact is they should be put under a jail. Maybe, the law enforcement officers should shoot first and ask questions later. This makes me so angry. How can people be so low bred?

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