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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The clean up continues in Louisville, but now some residents in the hard-hit Eiland(Island) Plaza area are concerned about the slow progress of debris removal. Louisville Mayor Will Hill says he’s well aware of the just how much debris needs to be removed all over Winston County. However, legally the city can only do so much to help private owners.

“We’re strictly responsible for what’s on the right of way,” says Louisville Mayor Will Hill.

Hill says the City is only accountable for keeping the public roads clear. They cannot legally go into someone’s yard and remove the piles of rubble.

“It’s very evident in Winston County and throughout the City of Louisville how much debris is piled up. Complete homes are piled up on the side of the street,” says Hill.

FEMA regulations stipulate that all debris has to be moved to the side of the road for pick up. Volunteers from all over the country have been working to move debris to the roads in Eiland Plaza. McDevitt Enterprises is just one of the crews using heavy equipment to clear the area.

“It’s very important right now because it’s been contracted off for the debris to be removed and we need to get it out by the street where we can get it hauled off,” says McDevitt.

Mayor Hill says residents should be assured all communities will be served within legal limits.

“We do not have the opportunity to go on to private property but they will begin making passes. We hope for many, many crews working to expedite this. It’s going to be somewhat of a congestion in traffic problem but this is the first major step in recovery, is getting this debris gone,” says Hill.

The debris removal contract has been awarded to 4-D Construction from South Carolina. Mayor Hill says he hopes to have debris removal trucks on the roads by Wednesday.

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