Video: Louisville Parents Raise Awareness about Dyslexia

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Dyslexia affects 20 percent of the population and can easily go undetected. October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and October 15th is International Dyslexia Awareness Day. Decoding Dyslexia is a grassroots organization that provides support for families living with the challenges the reading and writing disorder.

“Everybody’s wearing red today and it’s great. It’s really excited our kids and it’s great for them to see some support. For them to see that it’s nothing to be ashamed of and it’s something to be proud of because they actually are very intelligent and creative. They just have to learn to read in a special way,” says Gaydon Wright, a member of Decoding Dyslexia.

Signs of Dyslexia include difficulties with spelling, writing and pronouncing words. Brandi Krajewski’s daughter Lindsey has Dyslexia. Lindsey goes to private reading therapy three times a week. Krajewski says it’s never too early to monitor your child for signs of the reading disorder.

“Having a dyslexic child has enlightened me on how important early intervention is for our children. The earlier the diagnosis is given to the child, then the better success that child’s going to have getting the help that it needs,” says Krajewski.

Lindsey says she doesn’t mind working harder to learn and has some advice for other kids who have dyslexia.

“It’s going to be ok. You’re going to fine. You just need to study hard and stuff,” says Lindsey Krajewski.

The city of Louisville will shine red lights at City Hall and the Courthouse in honor of Dyslexia Awareness. Parents say they’re also lobbying for students with dyslexia to be treated in the public school system.

Governor Phil Bryant was also diagnosed as dyslexic as a child. In 2012, the Governor signed a bill that requires kindergartners or first graders to be tested for dyslexia.

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