Video: Mayor Says Municipal Worker Pay Raises And Higher Electric Rates Are Not Tied Together

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – The mayor of Aberdeen says he wants to clear up some confusion about the city’s budget,  a pay raise for municipal workers and a hike in utility rates.

The Aberdeen board of aldermen approved a $5.2 million budget for the upcoming year.

That budget includes a three percent pay raise for city employees and no tax hike.

However, Mayor Maurice Howard says some residents believe a rise in utility rates is somehow tied into the pay hike for municipal workers.

He says that is not the case and points out any electric rate increase happens because the Tennessee Valley Authority charges cities more for electricity.

“They set the rates at their will and whatever the rates are it’s not set by Aberdeen Public Utility, but it’s set by TVA. Aberdeen has not had raises in some time, but I do want to clear up the fact that because of these three percent raises, has nothing to do with the one point five percent raise of the electric bills,” said Mayor Howard.

Mayor Howard points out that city employees have not had a pay raise in several years.

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